Sunday, February 9, 2014


Leviticus – Specific Instructions

Leviticus is a book in the Bible that normally trips a person up if she is aspiring to read the Bible through. This book contains tedious rules, regulations, and the hows of following them. However, without these instructions, the Israelites would not have known how to offer the various required sacrifices. There were details about what foods were clean and unclean. Many of these instructions assured the people’s health as well as their standing with God.

To become the best writer you can be, you need instruction. What type of writing instruction have you had? Include courses, craft books, magazines, and blogs.

Create a diploma depicting your writing education thus far.
For example:

This certifies that Paula Mowery has received the status of published author through following the will and plan of God for her life and through a completion of daily writers’ blog reading, an assortment of writing craft books, and from courses and mentoring through ACFW.

There is always more to learn. Never stop pursuing your writing education.

Extended Exercise: Write your “graduation” speech to other aspiring writers, encouraging them by sharing some of your milestones and learning experiences as an author.

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