Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Book to Check Out

My friend and fellow author, Pamela, is my guest. She's sharing about her book, The Inheritance.

Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder and a lifetime member of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction, her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.”

One question authors love to hate is where they get ideas for their books. Half the time we don’t really know. At least I don’t LOL! Sometimes a thought or dream will be the impetus to a story. Then there are news headlines, songs, snatches of conversation overheard in a restaurant or grocery line. The Inheritance was inspired by a single thought: They say life begins at forty but for Rebecca Sinclair that’s far from the truth.
Being the nosy writer I am, I had to know why.
Rebecca graciously agreed to tell me her story and I agreed to write it down.
The result of our conversations is The Inheritance which was initially published in 2007 by The Wild Rose Press / White Rose line. When White Rose became a publisher on its own and then an imprint of Pelican Book Group, The Inheritance made the transitions with ease. It was a great surprise when the Sr. Editor @ PBG wanted to edit and update the book and re-issue it in its 10th year of publication.
And now you know the rest of the story ;-)

After her husband’s death she discovers a future she never expected and a family she never imagined.

Widowed at age thirty-nine and suffering from empty nest syndrome, Rebecca Sinclair is overshadowed by grief and loneliness.  Her husband has been deceased for a year, her oldest child has moved to New York in pursuit of an acting career and her youngest child is attending college in France. Having spent over half of her life as a wife and mother, she has no idea what God has in store for her now.  Will an unexpected inheritance in the wine country of New York bring meaning and purpose to her life and give her the courage to love again? 

US Postal worker Raymond Jacobey has been in love with the little widow since he first set eyes on her.  A wanderer searching for the ever-illusive soul mate, Ray has never stayed in one place too long. Raised by self-centered, high-power executives, he’s longed for the idyllic life of residing in a cozy house in a small town with the love of his life. Will he gain the heart of the lovely widow or will he lose her to the wine country of New York?  

“I want to kiss you, Becca, here in the midst of Paradise.”  His lips covered hers with devastating tenderness.
He let out a primitive grunt of satisfaction as he let go of her hands and pulled her closer. An answering purr escaped her as tiny pinpoints of pleasure bathed her senses with light and color. Never in her life had she felt so alive, so consumed with sensations.
Whether a moment or an eternity, she had no idea how long they stood there, his mouth in sweet possession of hers, but when the kiss was over, she realized she was pressed against his body. Her breathing came in sharp, almost painful rasps, and her fingers were clenched in his thick, sandy-colored hair. Appalled at her wanton response and the needy way in which she clung, Rebecca stumbled away with a startled cry of distress, and began to run.

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Thanks for sharing about The Inheritance, Pamela. Everybody add to your to be read list!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Book to Check Out!

Welcome friend and fellow author, Alexis Goring. 

She is sharing about her book, A Second Chance. Read on to see how she came to write this book. 

Journalists, jilted brides and Mr. Nice Guys inspired my story A Second Chance. But what really ups the ante is the inheritance letter that changes the lives of my story’s hero and heroine.

Marc Roberts is the hero of this story. He’s known for being such a nice guy but his niceness makes him unattractive in the long term because in his dating history, his girlfriends broke up with him to date more daring and dashing men leaving him forever in the friend zone.

However, Marc’s niceness is of invaluable help to his newly widowed sister Gina who is trying to raise her children in wake of her firefighter husband’s death. Since he lives nearby and has a kind heart, Marc is readily available to babysit Gina’s children while she takes a break or works on her book deadlines. Gina is a bestselling romance novelist and her matchmaking skills play a part in Marc’s real-life love story with Traci Hightower.

When readers meet Traci Hightower, they see that she is very frustrated with trying to pay her bills as an entry-level journalist when she’s stuck in the industry’s system of “paying your dues”. It doesn’t help that she’s deep in debt from wedding expenses and suffering from a broken heart because her fiancĂ© left her at the altar on their wedding day. Traci doesn’t like being a jilted bride and finds it hard to trust men or God again. But when she meets Marc, something about him makes her want to try to trust again and their relationship makes her turn over a new leaf in her faith journey with God.

However, Traci and Marc’s path to romance is not without rocky roads. Due to his past dating experiences, Marc’s deal-breaker is honesty and Traci has a secret regarding an inheritance letter that has a stipulation that may make Marc feel used if he knew about it. During every moment she shares with Marc that endears her heart to him, she finds herself in an internal battle. She must decide either to tell Marc the truth and risk losing him or keep it a secret and have a better chance of keeping him. What will she decide? You’ll have to read my book to find the answer to that question! ;)

I hope that Traci and Marc’s story will reach the hearts of my readers who may share similar experiences, and encourage them in their life journey.

A Second ChanceNewly single food critic and newspaper reporter Traci Hightower is done with dating. After the man of her dreams left her at the altar on their wedding day and ran off with the woman she thought was her best friend, Traci resolves to focus on work and resigns herself to being a bachelorette for life.

Marc Roberts is a political reporter who is known as Mr. Nice Guy, the one who always finishes last. However, Marc’s compassion and kindness are of invaluable help to his newly widowed sister Gina Braxton who is trying to raise her two kids in the wake of her firefighter husband’s death.

Traci and Marc may be the perfect match, but they don’t know it yet. With God’s guidance and the help of Gina’s matchmaking skills honed by her career as a bestselling romance novelist, there is hope for a happily ever after for these two broken hearts.

Alexis A. Goring is a passionate writer with a degree in Print Journalism and an MFA in Creative Writing. She loves the art of storytelling and hopes that her stories will connect readers with the enduring, forever love of Jesus Christ.

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Get out your To Be Read list and make this addition! 

Thanks for sharing with us, Alexis!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

First Review is In

Just read the first review for Lamp Unto Her Feet on Amazon.

I absolutely loved this book. The author wrote with the perfect pace to keep me engaged and I found myself reading just "one more chapter" until I finished! When I got to the end, I wanted more! I can't wait to see what will happen for Kenzie and Trevor. But then again, things might be heating up for Lila and Joel! If you are looking for a sweet story, then this is one for you. A definite two thumbs up.

Thanks so much to this reader!

I hope you'll check out my newest book. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Yay! A New Book Coming Sept. 15

Friends, I am so excited about my newest release, Lamp Unto Her Feet. This book will be available Friday, September 15th.

Why is this one so special?

The inspiration for this story came from flipping through my paternal grandmother's Bible. She had marked different passages and verses that truly spoke to me. Mamaw Smith has lived in heaven for many years now, but her Bible is like having her near again.

Mamaw Smith was the epitome of that gentle, quiet spirit characterized in the Bible. And she left a tangible representation of her faith in the underlined verses and highlighted passages in her copy of God's Word.

I've heard people speak of the Bible as a relic, being just an old book with no relevance for today. I beg to differ.

The Bible is God's Word. It is living and active. How can that be? Let me tell you about an experiment I've done and would suggest for you.

The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, just right for a chapter a day during the month. I first prayed that God would show me something in my reading. I began on the first day of the month and read chapter one. Whatever stood out to me, I marked the verse and put the date next to it. I continued this throughout that month. When I returned to the first chapter to begin a new month, I was perplexed by the verse I had marked. It had no meaning, yet another verse stood out.

Try this little exercise and see if you don't prove to yourself that God's Word is living. It speaks to your situation right now, and it will speak to your situation again with other verses.

Let's face it. There's no other book that would give you such results, guiding you and speaking directly into your life at any given moment.

In Lamp Unto Her Feet, Kenzie is in need of learning that she can trust God to reveal guidance through His Word. I hope you'll check out her story and see how her grandmother's Bible becomes relevant to her and speaks into her life.

Friends, God didn't just breath life into us and then set us off to do the best we can. He left instructions. He also gives us a guide through the Holy Spirit for interpreting His Word specifically for our lives.

My prayer is that readers won't only like the story of Lamp Unto Her Feet, but that the story might drive them to delve into God's Word, His Story.

What kind of experiences have you had with the Bible?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fiction - Why Read It?

Have you ever had someone ask you that question?

Why do you read fiction?

I have. Many will tell me they don't read fiction because they can't see the relevance. They praise non-fiction for its qualities of reality and helpfulness.

But I guess I beg to differ on the significance that can be gained from reading a fiction novel.

I've read novels that have encouraged my Christian walk just as much as a non-fiction book in the Christian living section.

Currently, I'm reading Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers. Even before finishing this novel, there's a definite feel that the Christian values and influence poured into a child really does stay with the person. Makes me think of that verse that says: "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Why do I bring that up? I have friends at church who are praying for a wayward child. I see so much in this novel that encourages anyone who might know of a wandering relative or friend.

Sure, I could read about this in a non-fiction book, but for me, seeing this played out just resonates with me. Plus, I just love to get lost in a good story. That's my escape and much preferred to me than watching TV.

Do you read fiction?

Why do you read it?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Awesome Read!

Today I'm sharing about Rachel Hauck's book, The Wedding Shop.

My daughter just finished this book and absolutely loved it! Having gotten connected with Rachel at a writing conference, I decided to contact her for info about this book for my readers.

Two women separated by decades. Both set out to help others find their dreams when their own have crumbled.
It's the early 1930s, but Cora Scott is walking in stride as a career woman after having inherited her great aunt's wedding shop in Heart’s Bend, Tennessee, where brides come from as far away as Birmingham to experience her famed bridal treatment. Meanwhile, Cora is counting down the days until her own true love returns from the river to make her his bride. But days turn into months and months to years. All the while, Birch Good continues to woo Cora and try to show her that while he is solid and dependable, he can sweep her off her feet.
More than eighty years later, former Air Force Captain Haley Morgan has returned home to Heart's Bend after finishing her commitment to military service. After the devastating death of her best friend, Tammy, and discovering the truth about the man she loved, Haley is searching for her place in life. 
When Haley decides to reopen the romantic but abandoned wedding shop where she and Tammy played and dreamed as children, she begins a journey of courage, mystery, and love.
As Cora’s and Haley's stories intertwine through time in the shadow of the beloved wedding shop, they both discover the power of their own dreams and the magic of everyday love. 

Rachel Hauck is an award winning, New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.
Her book The Wedding Dress was named Inspirational Novel of the Year by Romantic Times. She is a double RITA finalist, a Christy and Carol Award Winner.
Rachel sits on the Executive Board for American Christian Fiction Writers, and is the comical sidekick to Susan May Warren at the amazing My Book Therapy. She is a worship leader and speaker.
A graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in Journalism, Rachel is a devoted Ohio State football fan. She lives in sunny central Florida with her husband and ornery cat.​

Sounds like another "must add to my reading list" type book. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Another Book on Marriage? YES

Please welcome my friend, Andrea Merrell. She has a new book out about marriage that's not to be ignored!

When God Has a Plan
By Andrea Merrell

Why in the world do we need another book on marriage?

That was my initial response when my daughter suggested I write one. The thought had never crossed my mind, plus the available resources are endless. I had just finished a book on prodigals and was ready to dive into my novels.

But my daughter insisted that I had a lot of experience and wisdom to share with others, and she felt it was a great idea. I halfheartedly promised to think—and pray—about it. But God wouldn’t let me off the hook so easily, so it was obvious He had a plan. Suddenly, her idea was all I could think about.

I decided that after forty-plus years of marriage—practicing both the good, the bad, and even the ugly—I’ve discovered attitudes and behaviors that can cause couples to make it or break it and how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls—or at least many of them.

We live in a modern age of throwaway relationships. Instead of a commitment to love, honor, and cherish—standing with each other through the good times and bad—people try each other on for size and back out when the seas get a little turbulent.

In Marriage: Make It or Break It, you’ll find out the importance of open, honest communication and the different ways men and women approach life (waffles vs. spaghetti). This includes examining the different types of love, the five basic love languages, and the four basic temperaments. You’ll also find danger signs, roadblocks to bypass, and Scriptures to personalize and pray on a daily basis. You’ll learn a few truths that will make marriage strong—and a lot of things that will destroy it.

A good marriage is a process, not an event. It also comes with a price: compromise, change, and a lot of hard work on both parts. The most crucial factor in a lasting, healthy relationship is a godly foundation coupled with prayer.

I believe marriage is a God-ordained institution and one of His greatest gifts to men and women. He has given us instructions in His Word and all the tools we need to make our relationships thrive.

Andrea's book, Praying for the Prodigal, was an awesome read for anyone. And now she is blessing us with another book that isn't to be missed. Add it to your reading list today!