Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's Have a Revival!

Hey Friends!

I'm going to revive this blog and specify its use.

Wanting to keep my other blog ( as more of my personal and spiritual journey oriented blog, I'm reviving this one for the other stuff I did on the other blog.

This blog will be for readers seeking that new book release.

This blog will be for those fellow writers out there who want some insights from this acquiring editor and hopefully other writers who will share their expertise.

The archives of this blog might still be of use to writers. They contain writing instruction and prompts to stimulate your creativity. I'll still try to throw more of that in here too.

Please join me for an Open House and help me revive this blog. I'll be sharing more later about this. But to make sure you get all the info on the Open House and even a chance at some "door prizes," please take a moment and subscribe if you haven't already. You simply put your email into the little subscribe box to the right and you'll get any posts delivered right to your email inbox.