Sunday, February 23, 2014


Joshua 2 contains the story of Rahab the prostitute and the spies. A prostitute is an unlikely heroine used of God, but she could see that these spies were obviously led by a powerful God.

Choose a heroine from your work in progress or from a recent book you’ve read. Write a description of the heroine, including flaws as well as what makes the character a heroine.
Rahab is quite the heroine. She saved her family from annihilation. She’s mentioned in the first chapter of Matthew in the lineage of Jesus. This former prostitute learned of the one true God, believed in Him, and changed her life and future.

Often in Christian fiction writing, the hero or heroine experiences a similar transformation as Rahab.
Extended exercise: You are the hero or heroine of your life’s story. Write your character sketch, including your flaws and how you ended up as an heir through Christ.

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