Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Much of the book of Numbers lists the tribes and clans of the Israelite people. Another hard book of the Bible to read through.

Choose a number between one and ten.
Choose another number between fifty and one hundred.
How many people are in your immediate family?
Now, use all three of those numbers in a story that begins like this:

In my family tree . . .

The Israelites were identified by their tribe and clan. This information was important enough that God appointed it to be written down.

You are important in the family of God, and He has chosen you to be one of His scribes. Whatever He asks you to write, do it faithfully.

Extended exercise: The Bible encourages us to number our days. We want to make each day count for God. As a writer for God, what do you plan to do today to make it count for Him?

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