Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And, Action!

Joshua 5:13 through chapter six depicts the story of Jericho.
 Joshua was given specific instructions on how to bring the walls of the city down. Then he put the plan into action. The priests took up the Ark of the Covenant and followed seven priests blowing trumpets. The armed guard marched ahead of the trumpet-bearing priests while the rear guard followed the Ark. The people walked around the wall once and then returned to their camp. On the seventh day, they all circled the walls seven times. On the seventh time, the trumpets sounded and the people shouted. The walls collapsed, and they took the city.
What an action sequence!
Write a contemporary action sequence based on this one about Joshua and Jericho.
As writers we need to take action in our writing careers. Some of us need to start writing. Some need to revise and edit. Some need to send in a submission.
What actions do you need to take in your writing? Write it out as an action sequence that you will accomplish.

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