Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Solomon is instructed to build the temple in 2 Chronicles. Though his father, David, wanted to build the permanent dwelling place for God, he was not allowed. God gave that task to David’s son. This was in God’s timing. The temple was constructed within very specific guidelines of measurement and materials.

King David was disappointed that God didn’t want the temple constructed in his time. However, he rejoiced in the fact that God used his son to accomplish this task in King Solomon’s reigning years.

Timing is a very important element in telling a story. Your work in progress may occur over a few days or span many years. The key is to make sure the story flows in a linear progression, meaning keep flashbacks and backstory to a minimum. Also realize that you don’t have to drag out and have dead areas in the story for the sake of showing each moment. You can simply use devices to show the passage of time, such as referring to seasons changing or beginning with a time identifier like: by the next Wednesday.

In Todd A. Stone’s Novelist’s Boot Camp, he suggests “making a time line either before or while you create your scene list. This will help you identify key events, keep your chronology on track, and avoid many errors in logic.”

A time line of your story can be created at any time in the writing process. Take a moment to write out a time line of your work in progress. Jot down events, specific days mentioned, as well as time of year.

When you have this time line complete, study through it to insure that you have no errors in dates. Also notice if you have long stretches of your story in which there are no identifiers of time or time passing. Check for logical and chronological order. Make corrections as needed.

As a writer who wishes for publication or maybe to repeat publication, waiting for God’s perfect time can be difficult and disappointing. Understand that God has the plan for your writing and His timing is perfect. To rush ahead could mean wrong decisions. Stay obedient to what He is calling you to do at this time.

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