Sunday, May 18, 2014


The book of Nehemiah gives an account of the man named Nehemiah who got a disturbing report from his homeland. He was a part of the exiles in Persia, but he was in service to King Artaxerxes.

One day Nehemiah inquired about Jerusalem and was told that the wall lay in ruins and the gates had been burned down. He wept over the conditions of his home.

When he next appeared before the king, his expression and demeanor gave away his depression. The king asked why he was so sad, and Nehemiah explained about the news he had heard. The king asked what he wanted. Through God’s leading, Nehemiah received letters and permission to return to Jerusalem and repair the wall.

While repairing the wall, Nehemiah and the people experienced much opposition, but they carried on the work and completed the wall in record time.

In our stories, our main character must often display some of this stick-to-it-ness. Sometimes she may even have to be stubborn to burst through opposition.

Study your work in progress and list the various road-blocks your main character must conquer. Are the problems hard enough? Does your main character struggle enough? Though it may seem harsh, the tougher the obstacles means the tougher your character can be and the more sweet the victory.

Let’s face it. By forcing your main character to develop some stubbornness and push on through, your reader will stay connected with that character and pull for her.

How are you with sticking with the task? Do you allow opposition to pull you away from your writing too easily? Are you listening to those negative comments?

Being a writer isn’t easy. Being a Christian writer is impossible, except through the strength and stick-to-it-ness only found in the Lord. Take a lesson from Nehemiah. Stick to the calling of God and see what miraculous feats you can accomplish!

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