Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Right Time

Esther. Who doesn’t love the story of a Jewish girl turned queen?

This story is about God putting a person into the right place at the right time. Esther must show bravery when the odds are stacked against her. She has to accept the fact that even though she might perish for going into the king’s presence, she must proceed to have a chance at saving her people.

Her uncle uses that well-known line from scripture to encourage her: “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

When writing a story, the writer must also contemplate the right place and the right time in which the story should occur.

If the story needs to maintain a distance between the characters, meaning they cannot have instant contact for the story to work, the modern-day setting may not be appropriate. With the technology of today in which people have instant access to one another from any place in the world, it is less likely that a person could be cut off enough for certain story events to happen.   

Consider this: Suppose a hero and heroine are separated for a time. Even though the hero tried to find the girl, they are only reunited much later.

In this scenario, a past time might serve better since there are so many avenues in which someone could be located through the advanced technology in present day.

Analyze the time you have your story set in. Write out a description of the time your story is set in. Is it modern, historical? Does it make sense for all of your plots and scenes? How would your story play out in another time? Would this time better serve your story?

As Christian writers we obviously want to be able to sell our work. We might be tempted to write what is popular at the time. But, stay true to the message God has called you to write.

Write out a description of the message you feel God would have you to communicate through your writing.

Post this description/calling in a place that you can reread and be reminded of it when you sit down to write.

Who knows that your message could be for such a time as this?

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