Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gets Worse Before Better

The book of Job is definitely an example of circumstances getting worse before taking a turn for the better. At the beginning of the book, Job has it made with his riches, children, and good reputation. It’s shocking when God actually tells Satan to consider His servant, Job, for testing.

To think that God knew Job’s heart well enough to know he wouldn’t deny Him no matter what Satan would bring upon Job or take away from him.

It seemed that the hard times just piled on, and Job’s so-called friends pushed salt into Job’s wounds. But, in the end, Job was restored and given more than he had before.

True godly character is cultivated during times of testing.

As Christian writers, we must take our characters to low points. We must thrust testing times upon our main characters. These are the scenes in which we can illustrate reliance upon God and the building of godly integrity in the end.

Find the point at which your main character is experiencing a test or low point. Could the addition of further tests and hard times make for a more poignant lesson?

Make a list of possible problems your character could face. Use Job as an example. Are there riches that could be lost? Are there family or friends who could be lost? Could the main character’s health be lost?

Write out the inclusion of an additional problem into your story. Could this addition make your main character’s victory over these tests sweeter? Could a stronger sense of godly character be developed?

As Christians we must often go through the tests to gain more insight and integrity. Christian writers might be tested in various ways to gain these same characteristics. As writers we can share the message that God will see you through tests and that He can bring good from the most horrible situations. Draw from your life experiences. In this way, your reader will sense real emotion and transformation shining through your writing. 

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