Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Sage Character

Second Kings the second chapter gives us the story of Elijah being taken up to heaven.

Elisha stays near Elijah, following wherever he goes. Elijah asks what he wants, and Elisha wishes for a double portion of the spirit Elijah possesses. He will be granted his request if he sees Elijah when he is taken.

As promised, Elisha does receive that double portion of the spirit when he witnesses Elijah taken up in a whirlwind in a fiery cloud with horses of fire.

A company of prophets from Jericho were looking on and proclaimed, “The spirit of Elijah is resting on Elisha.”

In life there are often those people that just exude God’s Spirit. We may aspire to catch some of their enthusiasm so we stay near and try to learn from them.

Sometimes we might create that sage character in our stories to urge the hero or heroine toward right choices or to point out a godly direction or lesson.

Do you have a guide-type character in your story? If not, recall a story which contained that type of character. Describe the role of this character in the story and the wisdom imparted.

Now, mentally remove that character. How would the story be different without the guide character?

In real life, we have those people who speak wisdom into our lives. Make a list of these people and the lessons they have imparted to you. Look over your list. Could any of these people or lessons be inspiration for a story? Make note of those.

Just as you have mentors in your life, God wants us to speak wisdom into other’s lives. Who are you urging on in the faith?

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