Sunday, April 27, 2014


In 2 Kings 22 the priests come across the Book of Law while some repairs were being done to the temple. When King Josiah heard what was contained in the law, he ripped his robe. The king realizes he and his people haven’t been following the instructions outlined, which means they haven’t been following God’s commands.

King Josiah calls for the book to be read to the people and priests and prophets. The king renewed the covenant to follow all of the Lord’s commands, and the people agreed, pledging to follow the covenant.

The words of the law from God had been right there in the temple but until found and communicated, they could not be put into place again as guiding the people and King.

Hearing the words read aloud moved King Josiah, and he acted on it.

Pick up your work in progress. Return to the beginning and read the first three pages aloud.

Did you find mistakes in word order, spelling, or word omissions? Don’t disregard the value of simply reading your work aloud. Mistakes stand out as well as the feeling of a “hole” which is a place in your manuscript where something seems to be missing. Reading aloud is helpful in areas of dialogue to check for the natural feel of the conversation and the need for action beats.

Choose a favorite scripture verse that speaks to you in your life situation right now. Read the verse aloud. Now, commit the verse or a part that particularly has meaning for you to memory. When your life situation seems to take over, speak that verse aloud. Just this simple action can take your focus off of your circumstance and back on the One who can help in your circumstance.

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