Sunday, April 6, 2014


Second Samuel eleven gives the story of David and Bathsheba. King David decided to stay back while all the other kings went to war. That was his first mistake. Then, he let his eyes wander and land upon a bathing beauty. Only one problem: she was already taken. But, David was the king, and he thought he could fix everything, however, his sin found him out.

Some of the best conflict a writer can write is the struggle of a character to cover lies.

Make a list of lies a character might strive to conceal.

Beside each lie write a way the character might cover up that lie.

For each lie and cover-up, write how the lie might be found out, meaning the cover-up finally fails.

Satan is the master at lies and deception. Have you allowed him to feed you a lie? Do you question or doubt your calling or effectiveness as a writer? Have you considered giving up or quitting? Consider the fact that these may be straight from the deceiver himself.

Instead of thinking of cover-ups, write out ways to combat the lies the devil wants to use on you when it comes to your writing for the Lord. I’ll get you started – resist the devil and pray to God to encourage you.

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