Sunday, April 20, 2014


Second Kings chapter four tells the story of a prophet’s wife who comes to Elisha for help. Her husband is dead, and the creditors are coming to collect her two sons to pay the debts. Elisha asks what the woman has in her house. She has nothing but a little bit of oil.

She follows Elisha’s instructions when she goes to her neighbors for empty jars. Her two sons and she close the door behind them and begin to fill the jars from their tiny amount of oil. Every jar is filled.

The woman reports to Elisha and he instructs her to sell the oil and pay her debts. What is left of the oil the little family has to live on.

An intriguing story about being in desperate need and yet, being able to use the one thing left. Also, interesting is the fact that Elisha didn’t just give the woman money to pay her debts. God led him to encourage the woman to get involved in the solution.

Sometimes we as Christians just want God to jump in and solve our problem or save us from a situation. But, there are times God calls us to partner with Him to get that solution or salvation. God knows that through our participation lessons can be learned and trust can be gained.

Look at your work in progress. What problem or situation needs resolution with your main character? This can be the overall problem in the story or just a smaller obstacle that has to be solved.

How will this problem be solved ultimately in your story?

Ponder this solution. What contributions does your main character have to make to solve the problem? Are there components of the solution that will mean the character has to rely on God to do His part?

Write the dialogue for a conversation between your main character and another character in which the main character expounds on what he or she had to do to participate in the solution to the problem. Have that character also tell the other what part of the solution could only be done by God.

Reread your dialogue. Would this exchange further drive home the lessons learned by the main character? If so, include it in your manuscript.

Pastor’s sometimes reiterate this point of participation with God in a solution by saying: “God did give us a brain. He expects us to use it.” Do you agree with this?

When you face problems or situations that need resolution, pray that God will reveal to you what part you should play in the solution. What is your oil?

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