Sunday, January 26, 2014



Exodus 20 – The Ten Commandments

God gave Moses those stone tablets with the guidelines printed on them to assist His people in how to live and conduct themselves. The commandments dealt with their relationship to God and to others.

Have you considered the guidelines that should direct your writing? Create a list of commandments to guide your writing ministry.

As Christian writers, we should be motivated by a different force than secular writers. Our driving passion should be to bring glory to God. Unfortunately, we are so like the Israelites. We allow rejections or a bad review to deter us from our calling. God has your “promised land” planned. Don’t get off track because it’s hard or the obstacles seem insurmountable. Make sure that your primary commandment is: God is always first.

If you need a constant reminder or encouragement to stay the course in your writing, print out your commandments and post them near your writing space. 

Here’s another suggestion for partnering with God – a writing contract.

I,_____________, recognize God as the senior partner in the writings of _________________. This includes all stories, novels, letters, poems, plays, and articles. The senior partner shall direct the works to be produced. In addition all problems, worries and fears shall be referred to the senior partner for solution. The junior partner relinquishes control and rests under the mighty hand of God. The senior partner shall be duly praised.
Signature_____________________ Date____________________________

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  1. Love this, Paula! Excellent idea. Wouldn't it be fun for a bunch of us writers to choose a day and each of us post to our blogs the 10 Commandments of writing we all come up with?