Thursday, February 26, 2015

Look Out! He's a Runner!

The book of Jonah is well-known even among non-Christians. Jonah ran from God and what God had called him to do. He didn’t turn to a life of crime, but he didn’t follow God’s orders.
Christian writers might write a story with a similar character in mind. A main character might be running from God or his calling. Like Jonah, this character just may not want to do the task God has called him to do. He may rationalize and get involved in other “good” things to make up for his disobedience.

Make a list of possible callings God might place on a character’s life. These could range from becoming a vocational minister to going to a foreign country to serve as a missionary or even more simple like becoming a doctor to serve in a small town.

Now, beside each of the callings you listed write a short reason why a character might balk at wanting to follow through with that calling.

Choose one calling and its accompanying reason from your list. Create a short biographical sketch of a character who has been given the calling you chose and then explain the reasons he or she doesn’t want to follow this plan.

Add an alternative route your character is going to take instead of following the calling.

Will you character eventually make a turnaround? What will your character have to experience before he/she realizes it’s time to follow God’s call?

Think about yourself as a Christian writer. Are you fully following the calling God has placed upon you? There are various ways you could “run the other way.”

God may have called you to publish your work, but because it is too hard, you settle for writing for yourself. Maybe you have taken that rejection as a sign that you need to quit instead of a sign to keep learning and trying.
Write out what you feel you are called to do. If you aren’t sure, pray and ask God to show you. If you are doing what you feel is your calling but feeling discouraged, ask God to give you affirmation to spur you on.

Don’t forget -–if God has called you to it, He will help you do it. Work with Him by moving in the right direction! 

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