Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hard Messages

This blog has been on a long hiatus, but I am hoping to get back to sharing more creative spark-inducing writing for you, the Christian writer. Here's a brand new post. Try it out. Share personal experiences in the comments for everyone.

Obadiah is a short book in the Old Testament by the prophet by the same name. The prophets of the Old Testament had hard messages to deliver from God. However, God chose these prophets specifically for this task.

Sometimes the message God has for us as Christian writers might be hard to write.
Make a list of some subjects that might be hard for you to write about.

Has God called you to tackle a hard or delicate subject you would rather leave alone? Explain.

Just as God called the prophets but didn’t leave them alone, if God calls you to share a hard message, He will help you deliver it.

Choose one of the hard subjects you listed. Us a concordance to locate supporting Bible verses for this subject.

Brainstorm and jot down some ideas for stories to illustrate this message.

Remember, if you are called to write something specific, you are the only person that can write it because of the experiences God has brought into your life and His specific gifting upon you.

Make a list of the themes or messages God has led you to share through your writing. Write a prayer of thanksgiving for God using you as his prophet to share His specific message. Add in a plea for Him to help you to be faithful to deliver His messages.

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