Monday, July 28, 2014


The Song of Solomon portrays words between two lovers. One might say it is a book of romance, showing some of the physical aspects of lovers.

As Christian writers of romance stories, we strive to show the romantic feelings of our characters without going too far. We want the reader to see the attraction between our heroine and hero and yet we relegate sexual acts to behind closed doors. This means that physical intimacy beyond kissing, holding hands, or embracing is not played out on the page.

Though it takes more work, a good writer of romance can cause sparks to fly simply by the look in a character’s eyes or the tingle emitted by holding hands.
Create a romantic scene between your heroine and hero. Start like this: His hand edged closer to hers …

What would the anticipation of their hands finally touching make her feel and think? What sensations would she experience when his hand encloses around hers?

God is the author of romance because He is the one who created marriage. He realized it wasn’t good for man to be alone, and He intended a godly marriage to be a little slice of Heaven.
This fact does mean that as Christian writers even though we may have characters who have had sex outside of marriage or even committed adultery, we work to make sure our readers know God does not condone those things. We strive to have the message of our work be in line with God’s Word. Because of this fact, we must be in a constant attitude of prayer, letting God lead us when we write.

Many skilled Christian romance authors exist and give us numerous examples of how to write these romantic scenes. Seek out books written by these authors that stand as good role models for writing romantic scenes.  

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