Thursday, July 31, 2014


One of the well-known verses from Isaiah is when the prophet is before God, and God is asking who shall go for us. Isaiah states, “Here am I, send me.” This speaks of a call or purpose resting on his life.

Sometimes as Christian writers we might include a character who is answering a call to do something for God. This call can be played out in their vocation or even by having to leave their normal life and venture into a whole new job or location.

Choose a character from a work in progress. Consider this scenario: Suppose that character had to change jobs, going into a new situation with new co-workers. What challenges might she face that could jeopardize her Christian witness? What kind of stand would she have to make? What kind of affect could she have on those around her? In what ways could this new situation cause her to grow in her faith?
It can be hard to stand up for Christian morals and principles. Just as you might portray your character experiencing the unpopularity that often comes with sticking with the call of God, you as a writer of Christian literature may experience the same. But God still asks, “Whom shall I send? And, who will go for us?” We must still answer that we are willing to write His message even to a resistant world. It is our calling as Christian writers. It is our calling as Christians.

What message do you feel God wants you to get out in your writing? Are there certain truths that burden you? Write His message!

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