Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Ruth – there are so many themes to focus upon in this Bible book. The reader might notice Ruth’s loyalty and care of her mother-in-law or her persistence and obedience.


However, the romantic could catch Boaz’s reaction when he lays eyes on Ruth. He asks about her. He admires her. He speaks with her, giving her special privileges and providing for her. Boaz is smitten when Ruth lays at his feet, appealing to him as a kinsmen-redeemer. Knowing another would be first in line for her hand, he sets out straight away to assure he will be able to take her as his wife.


Oh, that first glimpse! Imagine a setting for our hero and heroine’s first meeting. Write a scene from the hero’s point of view. Make sure to express his feelings, physical reactions, and thoughts.


Boaz knew a “good catch” when he saw her, and he also fulfilled a family duty by taking Ruth as his wife. God had a plan for these two to get together. Boaz turns out to be David’s great-grandfather. What a lineage!


Never doubt that God is in the details of our lives.


Extended exercise – Write your first glimpse scene from the heroine’s point of view. Which is stronger?









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