Saturday, July 8, 2017

Another Book on Marriage? YES

Please welcome my friend, Andrea Merrell. She has a new book out about marriage that's not to be ignored!

When God Has a Plan
By Andrea Merrell

Why in the world do we need another book on marriage?

That was my initial response when my daughter suggested I write one. The thought had never crossed my mind, plus the available resources are endless. I had just finished a book on prodigals and was ready to dive into my novels.

But my daughter insisted that I had a lot of experience and wisdom to share with others, and she felt it was a great idea. I halfheartedly promised to think—and pray—about it. But God wouldn’t let me off the hook so easily, so it was obvious He had a plan. Suddenly, her idea was all I could think about.

I decided that after forty-plus years of marriage—practicing both the good, the bad, and even the ugly—I’ve discovered attitudes and behaviors that can cause couples to make it or break it and how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls—or at least many of them.

We live in a modern age of throwaway relationships. Instead of a commitment to love, honor, and cherish—standing with each other through the good times and bad—people try each other on for size and back out when the seas get a little turbulent.

In Marriage: Make It or Break It, you’ll find out the importance of open, honest communication and the different ways men and women approach life (waffles vs. spaghetti). This includes examining the different types of love, the five basic love languages, and the four basic temperaments. You’ll also find danger signs, roadblocks to bypass, and Scriptures to personalize and pray on a daily basis. You’ll learn a few truths that will make marriage strong—and a lot of things that will destroy it.

A good marriage is a process, not an event. It also comes with a price: compromise, change, and a lot of hard work on both parts. The most crucial factor in a lasting, healthy relationship is a godly foundation coupled with prayer.

I believe marriage is a God-ordained institution and one of His greatest gifts to men and women. He has given us instructions in His Word and all the tools we need to make our relationships thrive.

Andrea's book, Praying for the Prodigal, was an awesome read for anyone. And now she is blessing us with another book that isn't to be missed. Add it to your reading list today! 

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