Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Now for the book of Daniel. In Daniel 2 the king has a dream that needs interpreting. Daniel is called upon to interpret the meaning of the dream for the king.

Supposedly our dreams can be interpreted to tell something about us. The dream may show a fear or some feeling that hasn’t been expressed openly.
As a writer, a dream might spark a story or even push you along in a scene from your work in progress. For this reason, a writer should keep paper and a writing utensil near the bed.

Can you remember a recent dream? Write out a description of that dream. What kind of meaning can you derive from the dream?

Use your dream as the basis for a story. Can you use the actual occurrences in the dream as the beginning of your story? Or, do you need to only take the meaning from the dream as the basis of sparking your story?

Dreams are one place you can get story ideas. Simply by utilizing one tidbit of your dream, you can derive a whole story.

By concentrating on the meaning you have derived from your dream, you might create the theme-base for a story.

Don’t waste those dreams. Use them as sparks for story fodder.

In the case of the dream Daniel interpreted for the king, the dream was a prediction of the future.

What do you hope your future as a Christian writer will look like? What dream has God placed in your heart regarding your writing? Take just a moment to “dream.” Write out your dream for the future of your writing. What can you do today to make that dream come true? 

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